Meet the #DNC Delegates: Sabrina Fedrigo

sabrinaIn the interest of full disclosure, I have known Sabrina since she was a child.

Sabrina Fedrigo is a Bernie Sanders delegate from Pennsylvania’s Sixth Congressional District. She is a college student and part-time nanny. She lives in Collegeville with her boyfriend, their two dogs, three cats and a chinchilla.

DocJess: When did you first decide to support Bernie Sanders?

Sabrina Fedrigo: Back in July 2015, I was only really hearing about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and I didn’t think either of them really represented my values. I took the “I Side With” quiz, and found I was aligned with Bernie Sanders. Then I researched him and found he spoke truth about education and income inequality. I really respect him for speaking the truth on important issues. I started going to the local organizing meetings and I applied to be a delegate. I was chosen as one of the candidates to run for delegate at an organizing meeting in Philadelphia in January of this year.

DJ: What was your experience running to get on the ballot?

SF: As you know, I knew nothing about running to be a delegate, what was required with the petitions or anything. The campaign gave me your first name only, and your phone number, and I texted you “Are you the Jessica who’s Fiona’s mom?” You took me out door knocking and taught me how to approach people and ask for their signatures.

DJ: It was my pleasure, and it wasn’t too cold that day, although we hit a frigid patch after that and you still knocked every door you could. What did you learn?

SF: I’ve learned so much since I ran. I learned that politics can be a little messy.  In my neighborhood, there are a lot of Hillary supporters, but so many of them were kind and said they’d be glad to sign my petition. I didn’t just learn about knocking doors. I learned about phone banking, I never had thought I’d do that, but I did. A lot of people don’t want to talk to you so I had to learn to get to the point. I phone banked for primaries a lot of states. I learned how to be efficient, how to walk turf for lit drops. I learned a lot about money in politics and how it influences everything from the presidential race down to local issues.

DJ: Speaking of money, are you all set for the convention?

SF: That first day when we talked about what it meant to be a delegate, you told me I’d have to pay to stay at the hotel, and I thought I could commute. You were right, and it was expensive, but I set up a Go Fund Me page, and found other delegates to share a room with, so I’m all set now. It seems one of the reason we stay at the hotel is that we have to pick up our credentials every morning at 7 a.m.

DJ: What are you looking forward to at the convention?

SF: The whole experience. I don’t know what to expect, so I’m open. I’d like to meet people higher on the political spectrum, and maybe make connections. I’m interested in seeing how everything works and mostly I’m excited about everything, and hoping to make friends.

DJ: Do you think you’ll stay involved in politics after the convention?

SF: Absolutely. I plan to stay involved in local politics and my local Democratic committee and maybe I’ll even run for office after I finish college.

DJ: Fantastic! Do you have any final comments?

SF: I am so very excited! I never thought I’d be politically active. When I was growing up I was told that politicians were evil, and so you should vote for the least of two evils. Now I’ve learned so much from working on Bernie Sanders’ campaign: that it’s important to raise my voice, and work on issues I find important. I’m planning on getting a degree in political science because I know I have a lot left to learn. And then I’m going to work hard on all those issues, like income inequality and the cost of college tuition, that really matter to me. I’m so glad I have this opportunity, and I know it’s just a start for me.

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