John Kasich Addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition

Ohio Governor John Kasich was among the 13 Republican candidates speaking at the RJC Presidential Presidential Forum.

Governor John Kasich

Governor John Kasich

Governor John Kasich

Kasich spoke well, but with less rhetoric than Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

He started off talking about what he knew of Jews. He said Jews believe you need to live a life greater than yourself and that is something for us all to aspire. He spoke about his experience with Anatoly Sharansky – a Russian Jewish refusenik.

He explained how radical Islam is determined to destroy our way of life. Kasich emphasized that we need to fight them in earnest, for the longer we delay the harder the fight.

Kasich does not want us longer lead from behind any longer like he says Obama has done. He stressed the need to reform our military procurement and rebuild our military. However, he wants a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget.

Kasich proposed a bipartisan approach: “Democrats are not our enemies – Republicans can disagree with them 80% of the time, but we need to work with them.” On immigration, he is in favor of a guest worker program.

He echoed the sentiments of the crowd calling Israel our most important ally.


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