Christie Addresses Republican Jewish Coalition

— by Richard Chaitt and Scott Schley

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was among the thirteen Republican candidates speaking at the RJC Presidential Presidential Forum.

Governor Chris Christie

Governor Chris Christie

Governor Christie indicated that he has been saying all along we need a strong and resolute America because “We are in a new World War.” He spoke of his experience on 9/11: His wife Mary Pat Christie’s Wall Street Job was only two blocks from the World Trade Center and she passed though the World Trade Center that morning on the way to work. Chris Christie knew people who died on 9/11.

He emphasized that protecting the American people will be the most important task of the next president, for without a strong and resolute president who opposes terrorism everywhere, the US cannot project strength and support its allies.

Christie emphasized that the United States has no better friend than Israel. He urged that when Israel is threatened there should be no daylight between the two countries. Accordingly, the United States must rebuild its military, intelligence services to fight terrorism. He promised that if elected he would make sure ISIL is defeated both physically and ideologically.

During the question and answer period, he was asked about the trade-offs needed between civil rights and national security. Christie replied that this was a false debate since the NSA only collected metadata, and required a search warrant before it could get phone bills, listen to calls or read emails. He said some politicians were making false and misleading statements claiming that NSA was listening to calls and reading emails. Christie claimed the NSA program helped stop terrorism attacks such as the six individuals who plotted to attack Fort Dix. The Governor lamented that now that the NSA lost its ability to gather this data, our ability to help protect our population from terrorism has been diminished.

He was also asked about his drug addiction video. Christie asked the audience to keep two things in mind. First, he said “there but for the grace of G-d go I.” Second, Christie said that as someone who is pro-life, he does not limit his concern to the unborn. He focuses on the person’s whole life and said being pro-life meant caring for all people and all of their problems. Be they a 16-year-old runaway or a 42-year-old attorney who gets hooked on painkillers.


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