Women of the Wall Call Jewish Women to #LightOneCandle

kotel menorah

The Western Wall’s men’s section during Hanukkah.

Women of the Wall will gather today for a women’s candle lighting at the Western Wall protesting against the exclusion of women at the Wall, and calls Jewish women around the world to share online photos of themselves lighting a candle for the cause:

Each year on Chanukah, a large, majestic Chanukah menorah is erected in the men’s section of the Western Wall. Each night, a candle lighting ceremony is held and different Israeli politicians and religious leaders – all men, are honored and women are left to stand on plastic chairs barely able see the festivities and the candles.

The organization has asked Jewish women to take a picture of themselves lighting a candle, and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the tag #LightOneCandle. The organization’s website lets visitors send an email form to the Wall’s administrator, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who denied Women of the Wall’s request that this year’s Hanukkah, a large menorah be placed in the women’s section as well as in the men’s section.


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