Watch A Detailed Assessment Of The Iron Dome’s Effectiveness‏

— by David Streeter, NJDC

Israeli missile defense expert Uzi Rubin delivered a nonpolitical presentation to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy that examined the Iron Dome’s effectiveness. To summarize Rubin briefly, the Iron Dome worked exceptionally well and it is a game changer for Israel’s security. However, one must watch Rubin’s presentation in its entirety to really understand the importance of the Iron Dome’s successful performance.

At the outset, Rubin explained that his presentation would be nonpolitical and focus on facts. However, he noted explicitly at the end of his presentation:

The help from the United States was timely and invaluable. Especially timely. $205 million is a sum that Israel can afford to spend. But what Israel didn’t have was the time to argue it out. The fact that United States stepped in and came with that money and decided the decision, saved Israeli lives. And for that as an Israeli, I am very thankful to President Obama personally, and to his staff and his previous Secretary of Defense and current Secretary of Defense for their help, and for U.S. Congress for its resolute and generous help.


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