Administration’s Strong Condemnation of Ezra Schwartz’s Murder

The U.S. ambassador to Israel condemned the attack almost immediately, the State Department condemned the attack the next day, and both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the attack and called Ezra’s family the day after his funeral. Our outrage should be directed toward the terrorists, not an administration that quickly and repeatedly condemned the attacks and has proven itself to be a strong friend of Israel again and again.

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Redistricting Reform Bill Does Not Go Far Enough

Under Republican control, the Pennsylvania legislature crammed as many Democrats as possible into a small number of districts in the redistricting following the 2010 census. Bad reform might be worse than no reform at all, since bad reform would forestall other possible reforms.

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Montgomery County Democratic Committee Officers: (Left to right) Olivia Brady, Jason Salus, Chairman Joe Foster, Jeanne
Democratic Area Leader for Abington and Rockledge, Jeanne  Sorg, Veronica Hill-Milbourne, and Michael Barbiero.

New Dem. Leadership in PA & MontCo

Montgomery County Democratic Committee Chairman Marcel L. Groen was elected to run the party statewide. Vice-chair Joseph Foster will be stepping up to lead the Democratic party in Montgomery County.

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