Anne Frank in 1941 (left)  tried to escape Naziism but was denied refugee status. A terrified 4-year old girl (right) is among Syrians seeking refugee status.

Jews Should Be Last to Turn Away Refugees

The House passed a bill making it virtually impossible for Syrian refugees to get asylum in the United States and escape slaughter at the hands of ISIL. If “Never Again” is not to be a mere slogan, the Jewish community needs to stand up against xenophobia.

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Redistricting Reform Bill Does Not Go Far Enough

Under Republican control, the Pennsylvania legislature crammed as many Democrats as possible into a small number of districts in the redistricting following the 2010 census. Bad reform might be worse than no reform at all, since bad reform would forestall other possible reforms.

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Montgomery County Democratic Committee Officers: (Left to right) Olivia Brady, Jason Salus, Chairman Joe Foster, Jeanne
Democratic Area Leader for Abington and Rockledge, Jeanne  Sorg, Veronica Hill-Milbourne, and Michael Barbiero.

New Dem. Leadership in PA & MontCo

Montgomery County Democratic Committee Chairman Marcel L. Groen was elected to run the party statewide. Vice-chair Joseph Foster will be stepping up to lead the Democratic party in Montgomery County.

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