President Obama hugs Hillary Clinton.

#DNC Wednesday Night Schedule

In a surprise conclusion Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton appeared on stage in person at the end of President Obama’s keynote speech and they hugged each other. Speakers discussed how Hillary Clinton has the experience and steadiness to bring Americans together to get real results for our families. Her strong leadership will deliver economic results for all Americans and keep us safe.

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Day 3 and You Are There

The thing I felt differently today, was the party truly coming together. While Bernie shirts, hats and buttons were in full display, there was really an air that we will all work tirelessly together…

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The Kosher Table

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Ralph Archbold as Benjamin Franklin at the National Museum of American Jewish History

Meet Senior PA Delegate: Benjamin Franklin

The Philadelphia Jewish Voice bumped into Pennsylvania most senior delegate at the National Museum of American Jewish History before the Bend the Arc reception during the Democratic National Convention. To our delight, Benjamin Franklin took the opportunity to chat with us about the convention and his relationship with the Jewish community.

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Peter Beinart, J Street Panel Discussion.

J Street Marks a Turning Point

Amid shifts within the American Jewish community and the failure of traditional Jewish leadership to keep up, the influence of J Street has grown.

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