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National Hunger Seder

Beware of New Food-Stamp Requirements

Adults between 18-49 years old enrolled in the SNAP/Food Stamp program who are considered able-bodied without dependents will be limited to three months of SNAP benefits in a 3-year period as of June 1.

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The Kosher Table

Photo by PROmmatins

Turkish Coffee Cookies

Stir the heart with a combination of freshly brewed Turkish coffee, fragrant ground cardamom and golden toasted nuts.

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The Best of Hillary

The campaign trail generates lots of sound bites, but every so often a serious discussion happens. At a CNN forum in New Hampshire, Rabbi Jonathan Spiro-Savett asked Hillary a serious question – how she balances ambition and humility in her daily actions. And got a serious answer. With no suggestion of embarrassment, Clinton responded at […]

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