Bill Clinton at DNC

#DNC Second Night Program Tuesday, 7/26

People on the program for Tuesday night include President Bill Clinton, Actress Meryl Streep, and performer Alicia Keys. Earlier in the evening House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer are among the many speakers.

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#DNC Wednesday Night Schedule

On Wednesday night, speakers will discuss how Hillary Clinton has the experience and steadiness to bring Americans together to get real results for our families. Her strong leadership will deliver economic results for all Americans and keep us safe.

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The Kosher Table

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Commute to the #DNC by Bike and Bus

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia urges Regional Rail riders to utilize bicycles in combination with available public transit to get to their destinations. This will be especially true during the Philadelphia Democratic National Convention, since SEPTA forecasts that repairs of defective regional rail cars will be ongoing, resulting in crowding and delays.

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Dan Loeb, publisher of The Philadelphia Jewish Voice, at the J Street event

J Street Marks a Turning Point

Despite the clear trend within the Jewish community, … the traditional leadership has not shifted its message. The mainstream Jewish community is silent on the progressive agenda as regards the Middle East, particularly the rights of Palestinians, refugees and the issue of discrimination in Israel.

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