Lee Bender at microphone

Lee Bender has Died

Lee Bender has died. He was a very active advocate for Israel. He contributed numerous articles to the Philadelphia Jewish Post.

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Assault Rifle. From Wikipedia.

Trump and Mass Shootings

During Trump’s presidency, anti-Semitism has reached a new high, people of color are targets of disdain and discrimination, corruption and obstruction of justice extends to top levels, and alas, mass shootings are further escalating.

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The Kosher Table

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Israel Independence Day Celebration at Thomas Paine Plaza

Celebrations for Israel’s 71st Independence Day took place at Thomas Paine Plaza, 15th Street and JFK Boulevard in Philadelphia, on Thursday, May 9, 2019. Rabbi Batya Glazer, Director of the Jewish Community relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, said of the event, “This is our opportunity to come together as a community, […]

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